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Nylon Flat Filament Braided Sleeving

Nylon Flat Filament Braided SleevingNylon Flat Filament Braided Sleeving

Nylon flat filament braided sleeving consists of tough and strong Nylon 6.6 flat filaments with the best durability than other plastic sleeving in abrasion comparison without losing the attractive look and flexibility. The unique shape of monofilament provides soft and smooth surface to resist snags when dragged over the rough object.


It is widely be used in applications such as automotive, marine, construction, industrial machines and heavy equipment to protect the rubber hose and cable assembly.

Technical data:

●Material: Polyamide 6.6

●Working temperature: -50℃~+160℃

●Melting point: 256±5℃

●Flammability: UL 94 V-2

●Color: Black

●Other feature: UV and chemical resistance

●Cutting tool: Hot knife

●Approval: RoHS

Part No.Nominal size (W)Expandable RangPacking (L)
PAF-0088±2512100 m/spool
PAF-01212±2916100 m/spool
PAF-01919±21625100 m/spool
PAF-03232±32542100 m/spool
PAF-04545±33859100 m/spool
PAF-06464±34569100 m/spool

Unit: mm

1. Nominal size indicates the flat width.

2. Customized size, special package, cut into different length can be supplied upon request.

3. All the numerical data are average or typical values, not including customized sizes.

Nylon Flat Filament Braided Sleeving

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