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Vision & Mission

We committed to technology innovation, continuous improvement to satisfy the customers’ core needs. Our mission is to keep the management continuity that we can more create value for customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, society, to build a world-class protective sleeve brand and multinational corporation.

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The core business philosophy
  • Development Concept: differentiated competitive, broad-line products strategy, global strategy
  • Sales Concept: creating value for customers
  • Team: Wolf team
  • Work Concept: dare, fast, do, good
  • Executing Concept: act now, no excuse
  • Management Concept: simple and efficient
  • Competition Concept: elimination the weaker , cultivate the stronger
  • Communication Concept: consensus first, then work together
  • Cost Concept: To become capital, but not cost
  • Innovation Concept: concentration, innovation
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Our style

Thought clearly, language concisely, act speedily and resolutely, find out the root cause of the problem and solve it.

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