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Velcro Carpet Wrap

Velcro Carpet WrapVelcro Carpet Wrap

JDD-DHS double hook carpet wrap consists of polyester multifilament textile with nylon hook each side. It's a good solution for fixing and protecting wire and cables which are exposed in carpeted area. The especial construction makes it easy to remove from the wire and cable. This kind of product can offer excellent abrasion resistance and water repellency compared with other sleeves.


It is widely used in the home, office ,hotel and multimedia conference room which need cables go through the carpet.

Technical data:

●Wrap material: Polyester

●Velcro material: Polyamide

●Working temperature: -50℃~ +150℃

●Melting point: 240±10℃

●Color: Black, grey

●Cutting tool: Scissor


Part No.Nominal Size (W)Wall thickness (T)Packing (L)
DHS-07676mm0.7mm25 m/roll
DHS-100100mm0.7mm25 m/roll


1. Special packages, sizes and colors can be supplied upon request.

2. All numerical data are average value, not including customized sizes.

Velcro Carpet Wrap

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